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The MUSHClient is a program designed to play text Multi-User environments
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The MUSHClient is a program designed to play text Multi-User environments. Basically a MUSH is a type of MUD (multi-user dungeon), a text-based online role-playing game. MUSH stands for Multi-User Shared Habitat, itэs just another way of saying that there are not only dungeons in MUDs. The MUSH client is a utility written and initially maintained by Nick Gammon. In its initial releases, the client was commercial; however, since 2007, the client has been free, and better yet: the source code is also available. What this means is that with some scripting knowledge, you can add your own features to the client. It supports VB-Script, Java Script and Lua-Scripting among others. This has already allowed several third-party plug-ins for the client. The client itself has very nice features for playing, such as aliases, triggers, timers and speed-walking. It is very stable and it allows multiple windows game-play. Although it may lack some features other clients have, the open-source element allows many interesting plug-ins.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Lacks some features other clients have
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